Welcome to the Poetic Soul Award Program. This award program was established  on October 06 of 2002  and  over the years  it has undergone many changes. I  hope  that  you like the new awards created by myself, they have less than 10 kb. and take only two seconds to load.

This award is not automatic. All sites are viewed and judged on the criteria set by the  administrator  of  this  site. Please read the criteria for this award before applying. Signing the guestbook is not mandatory to meet the criteria.

All the applicants will receive a personalized email confirming the application and supplying the nominee´s award (that can be found in the application page) and the applicant´s code in the status page for the reviewing. At the end of the process every applicant will receive an email with the result of the application and, if requested, a positive feedback of his work.

I invite you to visit the Poetic Soul website. When doing so, you will see that  I  am  not  a  master at website building but I do my best and this is  the most important for this award program.

Note: If you like my graphics and has an online rated award program, I can create free awards graphics for you, just click in Contact on the menu and send me an e-mail, explaining how you want your awards.

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Very Important Notice

In early December 2015 I found that, unfortunately, my apply form not worked since 2014, it's unbelievable, I'm very sorry about that. If you applied for this award program in the last two years, please apply again because I have not received any application in this period unless those sent to me directly by email.

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