Will be be approved sites that:
  1. Present a pleasant design, with elements of good taste that combine among themselves.

  2. Have an informative and interesting content, that be personnel and of own authorship.

  3. Show an easy and logical navigation, if possible with a menu in all pages and navigation buttons (previous page - top - next page).

  4. Respect the copyright and laws and present a credit or copyright page with this information.

  5. Possess a good assembly of colors that enables a pleasant and easy reading in all pages.

  6. Must present an awards won page, even if it has not received any award.

  1. Sites  in  all  the western languages  are welcome, but sites in   Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian, or sites that possess versions  translated into these languages will be approved with more easiness.

  2. Only the webmaster or the responsible for the site  can  apply  for the award, he needs to have  more  than 16  years  old,  for comply with the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and other rules and laws.

  3. The awards must be placed in the appropriate page with a link  for the site that granted it, as explained in the email of notification of the awarding. The secret word to place in your application form or email is "Brazil".

  4. The awards will not be able, in hypothesis none,  to  be  resized  or to be modified, having to be kept its original characteristics.

  5. In case that the site suffers significant modifications in its content after the concession of the award,  the  webmaster will have  to request a reevaluation of the site to continue to show the award.

  6. The result, in general, is sent to the winners and not winners in the  stated  period  of  two to four weeks, except at special times as christmas and vacations.  In  case  that the order of the award has been denied, webmaster  will  have  to wait ninety days before requesting it  again.  If  the  order  will be denied two times will be definitive.
  7. When requesting award the applicant declares that know this criteria and that stay in accordance  with  our  judgment,  not fitting any claims.

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