I will looking for these elements when visiting your website. If you consider most of the following statements are applicable to your website please apply for the award:

1. You are the webmaster of the site you are applying for.

2. You are over the age of 16.

3. You have completely read and understand the criteria, purpose and ethics statements and comply with each of them.

4. Your site is "Family Friendly". It does not contain any pornographic, racist, illegal or hate material.

5. You provide, if your site is not in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian, a language translator on the pages to facilitate the translation of the site.

6 . Contains no vulgar or offensive language.

7 . Does not have a horizontal scroll bar at 800x600 resolution.

8 . Consists of at least 10 pages of original content.

9. Is complete and has no "Under Construction" signs anywhere on the site.

10. The text has format, size, color and contrast sufficient to be read.

11. Has no resized or altered awards on display.

12. You understand that our decisions are final.

13. Has real content, has some purpose, aim or a message to impart, is entertaining or educational and has something to share with visitors to your site.

14. There is Credit and Copyright notices where applicable.

15. Navigation is simple and there is a way to return to the 'home' page from anywhere on the site.

16. All internal and the majority of external links are operational.

17. Graphics are original or credit given when possible.

18. Will not cause the evaluator's computer to crash.

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