The Poetic Soul Awards Program recognizes website builders  that have create a nice site on the web, with emphasis on content,  design and navigation, a site also  be friendly  to  everyone.  This award program was created to reward good sites creators and to get people to visit my websites. This is the main purpose of this award program.

As with all awards programs we do have criteria  that must  be  met. This criteria has been  set  by  the administrator of this  award program. It is mainly based on his personal  likes and dislikes.  The criteria can be found on the criteria page of this  program (click in Criteria on the menu).

Please  read the criteria. If your site meets the basic criteria and you feel that you have a site that you would like me to visit, apply for the award.

I am not looking for professionally built sites,  but those  done  by ordinary people, as myself, just to express ourselves and  showcase our work. You do not have to be a master to win this award.
Poetic Soul Counters