An awards program is like a lighthouse, lightening the way for many beginners that are creating his own awards programs, offering them a model to follow and ideas for solve the problems that normally arise in these opportunities.

         An awards program is the form found for reward those that are dedicated to create websites of good quality in the internet, without them the level of the websites around the world would be certainty much smaller than is now. The feedback that is offered by the evaluators of the awards programs is the tool through the which the owner of the website will be able to improve his site, finding achieve the award offered for the awards program.

          The awards programs are, still, flags that represent his countries of origin in the setting of the world internet, have a rated award program is a honor that many countries still has and perhaps never come to have. They also are a sample of the technical development of the country, sometimes huge countries as China has less awards programs than small countries like Swiss.

           Unfortunately the awards programs are disappearing, the number of the closed annually is over the number of the created and, like this, a day perhaps we don't have more awards programs for increase the quality of the content offered in the internet, what would be really lamentable.

          The motives that cause the closing of an awards program are many and all valid, I even already was forced to close two awards programs, but we will not discuss here these motives and yes a form of avoid that the awards programs continue to be closed

          We are going to ask, through the badges down, that you can copy and put in your website and awards program with a link for this page, that no awards programs will be more closed, that the owners of the awards programs come to this page and know that, while their awards programs will be online they will be the lighthouses that will lighten the paths to who are beginning and will raise the flags of their Countries in the more elevated masts of the world internet.

          If you agree with me and want to avoid the disappearance of the awards programs copies one or more of these badges and put them in your website and awards program with a link for this page, we are going to begin a movement of incentive for that the owners of awards programs exceed all the difficulties and disgusts to the which always are submitted and look to the biggest objective: the survival of the awards programs, of the Award Community and the continuity of the important work of encourage the increase of the quality of the content offered in the internet around the world.

Good luck to us!

Lupércio Mundim

          NOTICE: Of course that the motives for the closing of the majority of the awards programs are very grave, as death of the owner or of someone very dear, terminal or grave illness, problems of family, alterations in the duration or schedule of the work and many others. We respect all the motives and we don't intend to force somebody to maintain his awards program online, we only want to ask for that persons to think twice before of close his awards program, case this is possible.

Poetic Soul Counters